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We advise you on all the requirements that you must gather to apply to American citizenship. For this, varied information is needed, so it must be prepared very well.


Every entrepreneur needs to establish a corporation that helps their personal growth. We help you select the best type of business taking into account several factors that characterize it. We advise and help you manage all the necessary documentation and processes. Call us and we will inform you.


We prepare your tax return. Our experts guarantee the best refund in a reliable and effective way. We evaluate your case and provide you with the necessary information, collect all forms from the sources of income and the IRS and prepare and send the return correctly. 


We know how uncomfortable it is to initiate a divorce process, so it is important to have professionals to guide you in the best way to get out of that trance in a fast and less traumatic way. We will give you all the necessary advice and management to end your marriage bond.


Many of the legal documents must be notarized, they need a public notary seal, we have a team of notaries who can speed up their process following the established rules and protocols. Call us and we will give you all the information you need.


One of the first things an immigrant wants to do when he arrives in the country is work, for that he needs a work permit. We help and recommend that you perform all the necessary procedures so that you can obtain this requirement and start working immediately.


Once you are established in the country, it is important to be able to take your family members with you, so you need the best advice to avoid any setbacks that may bring you irreversible inconveniences in the process. Therefore, we recommend that you call us and trust experts who will help you.


Having residence is the goal of all emigrants who arrive in our country. It is a fairly extensive and delicate process, so you should be very cautious when collecting all documents to avoid any denial. With our experience we can advise and guide you so that you can complete the process successfully.


We translate all the documents you need for your documentation, legal documents of all kinds, from birth records to death certificates. All our translators are certified. Call us, we are ready to help you.


If you have a fiancé or foreign fiance, we help you give you the fiance visa so that you can travel to the United States to get married. We help you with all the forms that are required for the case..

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